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Preventive Maintenance is a memoir about T Green’s experience with the onset of anxiety and panic attacks in her early 20s. She was a heavy drinker who quit cold turkey, which turned her life upside down. She was a motorcycle rider and loved working on them. She went back to college late in life—during the height of her panic attacks—where she read a lot of philosophy and early literature classics. Through struggles and lots of inner work, she was able to keep going through life and delve into the world of mental health, eventually working with institutionalized teens. She moved forward, still taking medication and attending therapy. She enrolled in graduate school, studying mental health and cognitive impairments, with an emphasis in gerontology. During her time in graduate school she began her weaning from medication,and any issues in her life were in the present moment and the past was no longer looming over her.

She started writing this book to help others who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, with the intention of finishing it when she was completely off medication and was living a healthy life, both mentally and physically. She draws upon fiction and nonfiction references that have influenced her throughout the years, as well as the seminal book that began the thought process about living healthy: the motorcycle manual Kawasaki Kz 650 fours: service, repair, performance: 1977-1980 (Scott, 1980). The author concludes by offering her insights about learning to meditate, as well as being focused, mindful, and present.

The GReat Dane Club Novel

 Lu is a cook in her twenties, struggling with alcoholism and searching for love and a sense of self. After an altercation at an AA meeting, she finds her world suddenly turned upside down. A looming pandemic is on the horizon. Lu and her friends band together to form the Great Dane Club to protect women in this changing world. What does this new world have to offer them? What started this pandemic? And how will their lives be changed forever? 

T started writing this book in the early 2000s when she was an undergrad at the University of Iowa. Learning to write based on what you know she wrote about a time of her life that formed the person she had become at that time. She worked on the book for ten years. Editing and changing the voice, and having professors read through it, as well as  several professional editors. She had a hard time making it fiction. She changed names of the characters and the places, but something was missing. She finally put it away for 20 years and after she wrote her memoir/self-help book she pulled the manuscript out and started editing it. She realized what was missing and rewrote the entire book. She added a sci-fi element that she had not been into in her younger years. The addition to Part 2, which is being written now, will be entirely new and will expand the adventure that Lu and her gang have set out to accomplish.